The Color Suite at Encore

The Encore Color Suite is designed to serve today's filmmakers & the growing demands of digital cameras including the RED 4K.

The Color Suite's proven RED 4K workflow utilizes the Assimilate Scratch system to work directly with native RED CODE and other QuickTime files.

This end-to-end digital workflow allows DP's to shoot digital, and then have a color grade & finish to give their projects a look that is on par with 35mm film - all while saving time and money.

Color Suite Features

  • RED Camera Workflow
  • Assimilate Scratch
  • Non-linear Color Correction
  • Ingest native REDCODE raw files
  • Ingest QuickTime files
  • DI Work
  • 2K & 4K
  • High Definition & Standard Definition
  • Multiple deliverables including HDCam